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Swizzard co-founds SMS2DACH network together with MArS (Germany) and Supersonic (Austria)

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

The Swiss healthcare market is one of the most lucrative within Europe. With the three German-speaking countries Switzerland, Germany and Austria ranked at the top, the “DACH” market is particularly attractive for pharmaceutical companies and biotechs.

While Swizzard focuses on maximizing breakthroughs in Switzerland, some biotechs also need expertise in the lucrative markets of our German-speaking neighbors. That's why we’ve partnered up with MArS and Supersonic to offer an attractive bundle of expertise: SMS2DACH offers comprehensive services for the entire DACH market, backed by the most promising local market experts.

"Now we are able to offer synergies to biotechs seeking to launch in Europe’s attractive DACH region, facilitating their market access pathway in three of the most lucrative healthcare markets in Europe," says Swizzard CEO Michael Zürcher.

For more information, take a look at the website:

About Swizzard Pharma AG

Swizzard Pharma is a provider of support services for biotech and pharma companies in Switzerland. As part of the company’s mission to enable healthy lives in Switzerland, Swizzard helps clients maximize the value of their breakthroughs in the Swiss market. Swizzard offers a range of services, drawing on vast experience and exceptional connections to deliver fast and lean settle-in, market preparation and commercialization solutions. CEO of Swizzard is Michael Zürcher, an experienced general manager in the life sciences industry.



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