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Swizzard Pharma solutions for your Swiss market entry
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Swizzard Pharma solutions for your Swiss market entry

Building the company

Anchor Building the company
Office setup

Assisting you in establishing a physical presence in Switzerland at a tax-favorable location with access to a suitable talent pool and operational infrastructure.

Establishment license

Supporting you in recruiting a reliable responsible person and guiding you through the quality-related process of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate within the Swiss regulatory framework.

Distribution setup

Developing strategies and networks for an efficiently designed Swiss distribution, including sourcing of Swiss partners and integration within the global supply chain. 

Anchor Defining the strategy

Defining the strategy

Regulatory support

Assisting you in securing a reliable regulatory vendor for your specific product and defining your regulatory strategy to facilitate swift Swissmedic approval and smooth market entry.

Market access

Helping you navigate the Swiss market access landscape, including negotiations, to develop a Swiss pricing and reimbursement strategy and set up named patient programs.

Supporting your functional departments across all work streams and sharing progress issues at an early stage to ensure a smooth and successful product launch, including market landscape analysis, market positioning and market entry strategies.

Anchor Implementing the launch

Implementing the launch

Medical engagement

Facilitating interactions with key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals and stakeholders to build relationships and promote awareness of your products.

Providing market research and analysis to gain valuable insights into the local market dynamics, customer preferences and competitor landscape.

Developing tailored sales and marketing strategies to effectively promote and position your products, drive market penetration and achieve commercial success.

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