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Switzerland’s Commitment to Healthcare as a Leader in Health Spending and Patent Application

Switzerland's healthcare system is often regarded as a benchmark for high-quality healthcare, as evidenced by the country's high life expectancy and the level of health spending. Healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) tends to be higher in countries with higher life expectancies.

Switzerland's healthcare expenditure is comparatively high, ranking fifth globally in health spending as a percentage of GDP. In 2020, the average expenditure on healthcare in OECD countries rose to 9.7% of GDP, an increase from 8.8% in 2019. Switzerland ranks behind only the USA, Germany, France, and the UK with a percentage of 11.8%.

Switzerland ranks 4th in healthcare expenditure

Life expectancy in relation to the share of health expenditure in gross domestic product, 2019

In addition, Switzerland leads in the number of biotechnology patent applications filed to the PCT[1] per capita per year, with companies filing 253 biotechnology patent applications in 2019. This is a remarkable achievement considering the country's small population, with almost 30 patent applications per million inhabitants. Denmark is in second place with 28 patent applications per million inhabitants, followed by Israel in third place with 25. Patents are critical to the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that money can continue to be reinvested in research and development.

Switzerland leading in biotech patent applications per million inhabitants per year

Switzerland's healthcare system and the country's high healthcare spending are a testament to the government's commitment to providing excellent healthcare to its citizens. Additionally, Switzerland's leadership in patent applications demonstrates the country's ongoing innovation and research initiatives. This data highlights the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure and innovation in driving progress and improving healthcare outcomes.

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[1] PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty (Patent Cooperation Treaty). The treaty makes it possible to apply for patent protection for an invention in a large number of countries simultaneously by filing an "international" patent application. It was signed by the member states of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (1883). back to text ->



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Switzerland's Commitment to Healthcare as a Leader in Health Spending and Patent Application



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