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Three key takeaways from the National Council Health Commission

Stakeholders in the healthcare industry will be interested in three key news items emerging from the April 26-28, 2023 meeting of the Swiss National Council's Health Commission:

1. The Health Commission supports the Federal Council’s proposal to enshrine pricing models for high-priced drugs in law. The extent to which negotiated prices should be confidential will be decided only after further clarification.

2. The Commission has spoken out in favor of a new reimbursement model which should make pharmaceuticals available more quickly. Pharmaceuticals for which there is a high medical need will be included on a separate list and reimbursed at a provisional price for two years from the time of approval by Swissmedic. During this time, the Federal Office of Public Health is to set an economic price, which will later be compensated, and decide whether to include it on the list of specialties.

3. The special situation with medicines for the treatment of birth defects also taken into account by the Commission in its motion instructing the Federal Council to submit a draft decree to the Federal Assembly or to take a measure.

The Commission will continue its deliberations at an upcoming meeting (Press Release, National Council, Friday 28.04.2023).

Swizzard Pharma is observing developments closely. Follow us for regular updates on the Swiss healthcare market or message us directly with any questions.


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