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Navigating Swiss regulatory waters: insights for biotech & pharma companies

In our Swizzard Champions series, we interview experienced thought leaders from the world of pharma, biotech and healthcare and share valuable industry insights. For this issue, we talk to Lucia Kürzi from PharmaContext.

Lucia, along with Regina Bauckhage and Katrin Dürr, is the co-founder of PharmaContext GmbH, bringing together over 25 years of experience in regulatory affairs, quality management including the function of the Swiss Responsible Person (FvP), and pharmacovigilance. Her extensive expertise and profound understanding in these areas within the pharmaceutical industry have established her as a renowned authority in this domain.

Download the whole Interview as PDF below:

Champions Lucia Kürzi Final
Download PDF • 148KB

About Swizzard Pharma AG

Swizzard Pharma AG is a provider of support services for biotech and pharma companies in Switzerland. As part of the company’s mission to enable healthy lives in Switzerland, Swizzard helps clients maximize the value of their medical breakthroughs in the Swiss market. Swizzard offers a range of services, drawing on vast experience and exceptional connections to deliver fast and lean settle-in, market preparation and commercialization solutions. CEO of Swizzard is Michael Zürcher, an experienced general manager in the life sciences industry.

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