Swiss Health Care Primer

Knowledge sharing and transfer is one of our main missions when we work with our customers. As such, we have prepared an in-depth review of the Swiss health care system and put together an overview of major stakeholders, key requirements and processes to start your business. We also provide a glimpse into the Swiss Market Access mechanics and share many “good-to-knows” for a successful Swiss market entry.

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Entry & Launch Checklists

Why reinvent the wheel? Our market entry, pre-launch and launch checklists provide a useful and valuable framework to ensure a comprehensive and guided process to set-up your affiliate and prepare for launch. We always have the flexibility to adjust our checklists according to your specific needs, processes and systems.

The Accessizor©

Unfortunately, delays for therapeutic innovations are the norm in Switzerland. Our analysis of 59 new substances approved in 2018 by the FDA reveals that many of these treatment options are still not available today in Switzerland. The Accessizor© provides an easy but helpful back-of-the-envelope tool to model early vs. late and best-in-class vs. average launch effectiveness scenarios, guiding towards better market entry decisions.

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