• Michael Zürcher

Swizzard Insight No. 3: How to win Switzerland with your medical breakthroughs

The Swiss market is frequently overlooked by biopharma companies. Is it because of the smaller population compared to the major European markets, the fact that it has its own regulatory body, Swissmedic, or the Swiss-specific market access pathways?

In Stefan Walzer's latest MArS podcast, Michael Zürcher of Swizzard aims to demystify the complexity of the Swiss market. Alongside detailed insights on the high-quality Swiss healthcare system and its key players, he provides an overview of the various regulatory pathways and reviews the Swiss specialties in terms of access and reimbursement. Michael also shares his thoughts on why the Swiss are particularly innovation friendly and why physicians are so willing and able to prescribe cutting-edge therapies. He also elaborates on market entry key success factors, what is needed to maximize market uptake and the magic of strong teams with a meaningful purpose.

Good listening!